Astra Steamer EvoAstra Steamer Evo

Diesel Powered Boiler

High pressure professional steam cleaner. Astra Steamer EVO is the best way to clean and sanitize effectively. Cleaning with a powerful steam jet is economical, sanitary and most of all environmentally friendly due to the the reduced amount of water used and the absence of harmful chemicals. It has a wide spectrum of cleaning applications for both mobile and fixed operation. The Astra Steamer Evo is a 4-hose/operator steam machine. 

Duratech Ultra BrushMicro Fibre Towels

Duratech's high performance, premium constructed ultra micro fiber towel's are manufactured of superior quality 80% polyester and 20% polyamide. Our towels are heavier than the industry standard at 400gsm and larger in size at 40cm x 50cm

Astra Steamer Evo HybridAstra Steamer Evo Hybrid

Diesel Powered Boiler & Electric Pressure Washer

Our newest and most innovative product - a STEAM GENERATOR/PRESSURE WASHER hybrid. We have combined our consolidated pressure washer know-how with our latest, most successful steamer technology to create a machine with never-before-seen versatility. The Astra Steamer Evo is a 2-hose/operator steam machine and a single hose conventional cold water pressure washer. 


Biodegradable, eco-friendly, SABS 1827, Food Contact approved and anti-bacterial formula.

Our Multi-Clean has been specially formulated to facilitate a wide range of cleaning applications without compromising quality and without the use of harsh acids and other solvents. Multi-Clean is completely bio-degradable, eco-friendly, has a SABS 1827 stamp of approval making it safe for hospitality and catering industries. Key feature of our Multi-Clean is its built in anti-bacterial formula.

Astra Steamer DuoAstra Steamer Duo

Single Phase Electric Boiler and Vacuum Unit. 3kW and 6 Bar Steam Pressure

Our latest innovation in steam cleaning technology offers clients the flexibility of using a single phase electric steam cleaner in conjunction with a vacuum faclity. This machine is ideal for the hospitality and catering industry. Its application can also be harnessed in cleaning applications and areas where only single phase electrical power sources are available. Single hose steam cleaner with detergent injection and vacuum function.

BrushTyre Shine & Trim Applicator

Duratech Tyre Shine and Trim applicators are constructed for high density durable foam to ensure long lasting consistent results

Astra Steamer DuoAstra Steamer Pulse

Three Phase (380v) Electric Boiler. 9 kW and 9 Bar Steam Pressure

PULSE is the best choice to clean and sanitize effectively. Cleaning with a powerful steam jet is economical, sanitary and most of all environmentally friendly due to the absence of excess waste water. Due to the lack of CO2 emissions and exhaust fumes, it can be used in closed spaces with scarce ventilation. PULSE can be used in varied sectors like car washing and detailing, cleaning and sanitizing buses and trains, hotels, food industry, industrial machinery maintenance and cleaning, construction sites, graffiti and stain removal. Single hose steam cleaner with detergent injection.

BrushClay Bar

Paint cleaning and smoothing system that removes bonded contamination, industrial fallout and automotive paint overspray without damaging your clear coat. Should be used in conjuction with the Croftgate USA Multi-Clean to provide the clay bar with adequate lubrication. It is recommended to use Croftgate's Quick 'n Slick to seal the surface after it has been cleaned.

Automatic Water SoftenerAutomatic Water Softener

Removes lime scale (i.e. calcium and magnesium deposits from municipal water)

Water softening is the removal of calcium, magnesium, and certain other metal cations in hard water. The resulting soft water is more compatible with soap and extends the lifetime and reduces maintenance costs of our range of Astra Steam Cleaners. Water softening is usually achieved using lime softening or ion-exchange resins.

BrushWheel & Tyre Brush

Duratech Wheel & Tyre Brush provides the complete solution to easy wheel and tyre cleaning applications. Our Brush has a non-slip comfort grip and lightweight design to help make tire cleaning easy. Ideal for use with Croftgate Tire Shine or Multi Clean

Astra Steamer EvoIndustrial Vacuum Cleaner

Available in Twin and Three Motor Single Phase Units

We offer a range of industrial vacuum cleaners. Our vacuums feature a stainless steel drum, bag-less to reduce maintenance costs, 80l in capacity. Provide wet and dry suction capacity. Available in 2000w twin motor and 3000w three motor single phase units.